Written after a trip to Standing Rock Reservation

we are pilgrims on a journey towards eschaton. 
time is infinite and illmatic.
from A to Z, the world does not stop.

sitting still can sometimes mean moving away.
relatives will agree.

we went on a pilgrimage to standing rock.
no reservations at the reservation.
each of us can stay home or together live out our truth.

the truth is sometimes news.
the news is sometimes lies, even when it is factual.

the bad news is eschaton.
the good news is starting to arrive.

seeking the good news, we spent a week creating moments.
we took a road trip to wonder at the rebirth of nations.

nations are made of men and women.
man is mainly water.
where waters flow, nations live.

we are tied together more than we realize.
everything is becoming liquid, even things that are sacred.
even things that should remain as stone.

pilgrims embracing slavery before they leave are not free to go.
to free yourself is to free a slave. to want slaves is to be a slave.

free yourself from greed, addiction, and anxiety.
take a trip and find your shrines. 

safe travels to natives, pilgrims, and former slaves.