malcolm x was a man. remember that. 
ella baker was a woman. remember that. 
mlk was a pastor. remember that. 
octavia butler wrote stories. remember that. 
ta nehisi-coates writes comics. remember that. 
bell hooks is a professor. remember that. 
gil-scott heron was a poet. remember that.
tupac arose. remember that.
che guevara was a doctor. remember that.
thomas sankara was a revolutionary. remember that.
burkina faso (what they named it) means "land of the incorruptible people." remember that.
his best friend killed him. remember that.
but he lived and we remember that.

and all their mothers were mothers and all their fathers were fathers.

their friends were often there for them. others let them down. they sometimes let people down. but we also know what they meant and what they did and we remember that.

seasons change, but we remember. they did it for love.