I don’t wanna see race anymore

Because if I see race then I fail to see something in the way of things

Something that hallowed our evil ways and vilified our saints

That herded off our heroes over hypes gone but not forgotten

A fourth got more, but more died poor


I don’t wanna see race anymore

Since it’s the case that it was made to trace and erase my place

On boats that could’ve made free space

Always reminded when you and them and I and us are face to face


But still, I don’t wanna see race anymore

It’s lazy

We start to think we’re just talking about something to base affirmative action on

And black pride and gay pride and all lives matter

All lives have mattered all my life

But that didn’t matter enough as toxic people and communities die inside

With cancerous violence indirectly tied to capitalist bribes

But still, I don’t wanna see race anymore

What color will the water be when the water is dry?


And that’s why I hope someday everyone is black

Because we can ALL start getting in touch with our soul

And stop trying to be someone we’re not

Join black folks and this is possible

Until then, my nigga, I call it like I see it